June 24, 2021

Certificate in Missional Leadership – Forming and Reforming Christ Following Communities in a Secular Age

Last year, the Centre for Missional Leadership launched the first intake of a three year Certificate in Missional Leadership.  We were delighted to have over 100 participants across Canada engaged in the monthly equipping sessions, readings and practices helping them discern God’s presence and purpose for their communities.  As the Year 1 cohort moves on to Year 2, we are welcoming a new first year cohort in September 2021.  The meeting dates and themes this year are:

September 18 – Analyzing the powers

November 20 – Stories of Community

January 15 – Addressing issues of Injustice and Leadership

March 19 – Discipleship and Evangelism

For more information and to register please see the link below or contact Mavis Hocml@standrews.edu

CML 2021 Program Invitation New LR