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Campus Ministries and Community Life

Members of the Campus Ministry team seek to be a welcoming Christian presence in the SAH community and the wider UBC campus community. We invite you to join us regardless of who you are, where you come from, and wherever you may be on life’s journey. We encourage people to be faithful to their own heritage of faith and to develop and deepen their faith journeys by respecting, exploring, and appreciating diversity. At the same time, the life of St. Andrew’s Hall is rooted in the Christian tradition, so we come with core convictions as we gently share the Christian gospel. The Campus Ministry team provides opportunities for residents to participate in events that encourage thinking about the intersections between faith and everyday life and ways to live out God’s love in the world. 

Who are the people that make up Campus Ministry?

Chaplains are available to listen to your stories and concerns, offer support and resources, and encourage all members of the St. Andrew’s Hall community.

This year our student chaplains are:

  • Roberto DeSandoli

  • Sumarme Goble

  • Roberto DeSandoli

  • Janet Taylor

  • Andrea Perret


What kind of place is Campus Ministry seeking to create?

We are Christians who seek to create a learning community where people may delve more deeply into exploring the mysteries of God, share in faith practices, engage in authentic relationships, and acts of compassionate service.

We desire to hold a “safe space” where you can investigate what you believe, voice your own thoughts, gain a bigger vision for your life, show compassion for yourself and others, and journey together with those who are seeking to follow Jesus in everyday life.

The road of life is often complicated and messy, with many voices vying for our attention and many difficult choices to make academically, relationally, financially, and otherwise. Sometimes the hectic pace of life can cause great stress, and you get a feeling you should do something about it. If you don’t know what steps to take next, talk to one of the student chaplains or the Director of Campus Ministries and Community Life. They can help you with spiritual issues and also guide you to counseling resources if you need professional help involving relationships, academics, depression, anxiety, sexuality, drug or alcohol use, or other matters.

What is our passion for this ministry? Where’s the energy for this ministry?

We all know that there is more to life than meets the eye … that there is more going on in the present moment than we can point our finger at.  Seldom is anyone content with what appears on the surface.  That’s why we’re passionate about getting to know residents and students on a deeper level.

It is our privilege to make connections and build relationships with the residents at St. Andrew’s Hall and with students on the UBC campus. Listening to life stories and faith journeys ... hearing about daily accomplishments and struggles ... offering encouragement ... praying together ... opening and discussing the Bible ... holding space open to explore where following Jesus might lead …. These are the things we’re passionate about.

We remember that God's way is often a way of slow growth formation.  Maturity happens over a period of time, with God in charge of the growth, not us.  Our work is to tend and keep the soil conditions fertile for mature growth in faith. It is inspiring for us to be in the presence of women and men who are willing to sink their roots deep into the rich soil of the gospel, even as they grow upwards towards the light of Christ. 

What might be a next step for you?

We hope you will explore the many opportunities we provide for you to get involved at St. Andrew’s Hall. Be open to doing something different from what you normally like to do. Make it your goal to take a risk and get involved in small or big ways.  Most of our programs and events are drop-in rather than long-term commitments. There are study sessions, worship groups, social activities, and fellowship opportunities for everyone who is interested. Watch for the weekly e-mail announcements and the Sixty-Forty calendar for event times and places. You can also call the Campus Ministries and Community Life office to talk with someone about possibilities for involvement that will fit well with your skills, gifts, and limited time as a student.

Contact Information:

Director of Campus Ministries and Community Life: Sumarme Goble

Student Chaplains: Roberto DeSandoli, Andrea Perrett, and Janet Taylor

Office: 604-822-0231
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Sumarme Goble

Director of Campus Ministries

Phone: (604) 822-0231 
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Sumarme is the Director of St. Andrew’s Hall Campus Ministries and Community Life. She holds a B.A. degree in Christian Education from Seattle Pacific University, an English as a Second Language diploma from Seattle University, and a M.Div. degree from Fuller Theological Seminary. She worked two years at Ban Vinai refugee camp in Thailand for Food for the Hungry International and the United Nations and served 14 years in two congregations in Seattle, Washington. This is her fourth year serving at St. Andrew’s Hall. 

When I attended university, my emphasis was on achieving, performing, and doing things just right. After facing failures of various kinds, I discovered my education also included learning resilience and how to begin again. My best teachers - people I trusted, respected, and studied with - encouraged me through rocky times and helped me to imagine new ways forward. Grades were important, but my spirit and emotions came to be nurtured as well.

I view my job as chaplain as a calling to care for students as whole people and to encourage them to expand their notions of success to include wider and richer purposes. Learning beyond academic studies involves learning about how to face challenges, how to make a life, and how to make a difference in the world.

Blaise Pascal once wrote: “In difficult times, carry something beautiful in your heart.”

My daily spiritual work - in the best and worst of times -- is to carry the beauty and treasure of the gospel in my life, to receive each day as a gift of grace from God, and to watch for the ways God is present and working in me and those around me.

Roberto DeSandoli

Student Chaplain


I am excited to return to my Student Chaplain duties at St. Andrews Hall for a second year. I look forward to getting to know all the new and returning SAH residents -- one coffee break at a time. On my time off I enjoy traveling, hiking, biking, watching hockey (Go Canucks!), and running. (I finished my seventh marathon in August and look forward to racing again soon.) I grew up in Nakusp, BC, and earned a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Lethbridge. My home congregation is St. Andrew's Presbyterian in Lethbridge and I am a certified candidate for ministry with the Presbytery of Calgary-Macleod. I live here at SAH and I’m in my third year of M.Div studies at VST.

Janet Taylor

Student Chaplain


I was born and raised in Calgary, but I've also lived in south-eastern British Columbia and on Vancouver Island. In my previous working life I've been a Care Aide in nursing homes, worked in new home construction, and worked in the area of medical transcription. My husband and I, and our two dogs named Jasper and Penny, relocated to our permanent home in Abbotsford this fall. Autumn is my favorite season because it's cool enough to wear snuggly sweaters but still warm enough to enjoy being outside. My two sons live in Alberta and Manitoba, so I only see them about once a year. I never expected to return to school, but God works in amazing ways, and now I can't imagine doing anything else. I enjoy canning, crocheting, baking and cooking. I also golf and bowl really well on a Wii! I am in my second year studying for a Masters of Divinity degree at the Vancouver School of Theology.

Andrea Perrett

Student Chaplain


My name is Andrea Perrett (pronounced just like the bird!) and I am in my second year of studies for a Masters of Divinity degree at the Vancouver School of Theology. I am also a Registered Dietician and have been involved with community health and nutrition for the last five years. When I finish my degree I am hoping to work in a position where I can combine spiritual health and physical health. A prairie-girl at heart, my husband and I moved West, from Alberta, three years ago. When not studying I can be found cycling, knitting, or drinking tea.
Photo credit: Kyle Pearce, modified from Inukshuk Sunset in English Bay