April 11, 2019

Church Planting in Post-Christian Soil


A Centre for Missional Leadership Academic Conference

May 10th & 11th, 2019

St. Andrew’s Hall – 6040 Iona Dr, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1

Register at cml@standrews.edu or by calling Mavis Ho at 604.822.9372 – $100 for both days, lunch included.  Students – 1/2 price.


Friday, May 10

9 am – Opening Lecture, Exploring the theological ‘why’ of church planting – by Darrell Guder, CML Senior Fellow in Residence

Connecting with Cascadian Neighbours

11 am – 11:30 am Paper #1 Stephen Bell– A Sent Life Together: Connecting with Neighbours Through a Neo-Monastic Church in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside  

11:30 am – 12 pm Paper #2  Jamie Anderson-Reid– “House, Home and How to be a good neighbour”

12 pm to 12:45 pm – lunch in the SAH Centre

12:45 pm – Paper #4 – David WarkentinThe Practice of Storytelling: Indigenous-Settler Relationships in Cascadia

1:15 pm – Paper #5 Shannon Bell“My ministry is a disaster!”

1:45 pm – Paper #6  Jenn Richards  From Soldiers to Midwives: Bearing Witness to the Triune God in Our Everyday Conversations

Worship & Missional Vocation Part A

2:45 pm – Paper #7 – Chebineh Che – Witnessing out of Worship:  A theoretical network approach

3:15 pm – Paper # 8 Paulo Pereira Junior –   Church RevitalizationDealing with broken smithereens and bricks

3:45 pm – Paper #9 – Young Tae ChoiArts Ministry Beyond the Sunday Worship Service:  How Can an Arts Ministry Be Missional in a Public Arena?

4:15 pm – Paper #10  – Rebecca Simpson– “You Forgot It in People” – Re-Membering the Church:  Reflections on what Indie rock collective Broken Social Scene might say to the Missional Church.

4:45 pm – Paper #11 – Brian Fraser– (Confirmed) – Gaining a Hearing for the Gospel:  Missioning with the Jazz Community through Dialogical Evangelization

5:15 to 7 pm – break for dinner (participants are on their own for a meal on campus…Koerner’s Pub, Sushi One, Student Union Building’s 7 restaurants, Museum of Anthropology café, etc)

6:45 pm – gathering music

7 pm – Ross to welcome and introduce Christopher

7:10 to 8 pm – Christopher James – Keynote: Good News from the None Zone: Four Practices for Joining God in Post-Christian Soil

8 pm – 8:45 pm – Responses and Question/Response

8:45 pm – Wine and Cheese with Darrell’s favourite Okanagan region chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon! 

Saturday, May 11

9 am – Lecture, “Beloved Community as Missional Witness” Jonathan Wilson

10:15 am – 10:45 am – break

Worship & Missional Vocation Part B

10:45 am – Paper #12  Tim Dickau “Seeking the Kingdom of God as a Church in a Secular Age”

11:15 am – Paper #13  Anne-Marie Ellithorpe  – Spirit-shaped Friendships and the Planting of New Worshipping Communities.

11:45 am – Paper #14  Peter Sanders– You Shall Go Out With Joy: The Importance of Congregational Singing in Missional Worship

12:15 to 1 pm – lunch served in the SAH centre

Witness & Formation beyond Worship

1 pm – Paper #15  Corey Schlosser-Hall–  Growing Ministry in Old PlacesReflections on recovering one Presbytery’s willingness to risk and innovate for the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Cascadian Soil.

1:30 pm – Paper #16  Andrew Stephens-Rennie, “Revillaging the City: How One Congregation Transformed its Charitable Food Ministry to an Agent of Shalom.” 

2 pm – Paper #17 Todd Wiebe–  “Faith After Atheism: Christian Theology and Spiritual Formation in a Landscape of Default Agnosticism

2:30 pm – Paper #18 Layna Haley– “Experience Kaleo”

3 pm – Paper #19 – Jon Bell–  Of Sacred Places and Holy Ground

3:30 pm – Paper #20 – Axel Schoeber Keep Your Sense of Humour!

4 pm – Closing Panel discussion with Christopher, Darrell and Jonathan

4:30 pm – departure