June 16, 2020

COVID-19 AND Theological Imagination: What Christian Sense Can We Make?

For the last four months the Centre for Missional Leadership has been hosting hour long Zoom calls for pastoral leaders (Teaching and Ruling Elders) as we all have been making significant adaptations during Covid-19. Our final gathering before a summer break included a wonderful teaching time by St. Andrew’s Hall Professor and Vancouver School of Theology Professor Rev. Dr. Richard Topping.  Dr. Topping addresses us with this focus:

Economists, Epidemiologists and students were quick to frame the COVID-19 pandemic in their monetary, viral and career trajectory frames of reference.  They are all helpful.  Preachers, at their best, are busy making theological sense of this challenge and opportunity in the light of the Gospel.  I want to suggest a few biblical and theological figurations that are hopeful but not wishful thinking.  

In the end, Dr. Topping asks us to reflect on what scripture text(s) has been particularly helpful for your community in making sense of the current crises?

Meeting Recording: