Mission, Vision, Goals and Objectives


St. Andrew’s Hall is called to create quality leaders to serve a church that serves the world in Christ’s name.


To be an influential theological college of The Presbyterian Church in Canada at the University of British Columbia educating people from around the world for Christian leadership; and providing quality accommodation, hospitable community and compassionate campus ministry.


As a college of The Presbyterian Church in Canada we will:

  • create a unique and significant contribution to theological education for church leadership;
  • provide the standard for quality student accommodation; and
  • offer compassionate pastoral ministry and hospitality.


  • Ensure that the degree-granting charter of St. Andrew's Hall is exercised effectively for the benefit of The Presbyterian Church in Canada.
  • Promote the programs and resources of Vancouver School of Theology throughout The Presbyterian Church in Canada.
  • Support Presbyterian students at VST.
  • Create an institute to provide faithful and effective education for Canadian Presbyterian elders.
  • Develop awareness of educational opportunities and services that will meet the needs of the laity of The Presbyterian Church in Canada.
  • Maintain and enhance the physical facilities of St. Andrew's Hall.
  • Support and nurture a unique sense of community among the residents.
  • Nurture Christian virtues and hospitality within the residential community and on the campus.
  • Run a policy-based style of governance.