Why study theology?


There are many reasons to study theology, all of them good.

  • Develop greater spiritual depth.
  • Form a solid foundation for your faith.
  • Discover the riches of ancient religious traditions.
  • Cut through the cultural clutter and connect with the reality of God.
  • Prepare to serve as a pastor, counseler, chaplain, or community leader.

Theology takes you deep and widens your horizons.

It is the oldest scholarly discipline. Studying theology involves deep engagement with ancient religious traditions, ongoing dialogue with cutting edge scholarship, and rigorous intellectual thought.

Theology provides a liberal education in the best sense—it widens your horizons, challenges preconceptions, invites you to wrestle with the most profound questions of our existence, and enriches you with the wisdom of the ages.

There is a technical side to theology in the study of languages such as Hebrew and Greek, and in the history of world-changing ideas.

There is also a personal side. God (theos) is not an object we examine in a laboratory, but is the ultimate Subject. We approach theology with reverence and respect for it involves a personal encounter with the source and explanation of our existence.

And there is a practical dimension. A theological education equips you to see a higher purpose in all that you do. Theology clarifies the values and imparts the deep spiritual wisdom you need to see beyond the daily grind,  to flourish in your life, and to make a positive difference in the world.