Academic Year Housing Application

Application should be filled and submitted by applicant, not by a third party. Only full time students (9-18 credits or otherwise as defined by UBC) at UBC or its affiliated colleges are eligible.

To apply for academic year residency at St. Andrew’s Hall, please fill in the form below. The following should be provided after submitting this application:

  • A character reference on letterhead from your minister, high school principal, supervising professor or another authority figure
  • A statement describing yourself (and your family if applicable), any special needs and your interests, and
  • A $50CAD non-refundable application fee paid in cash, cheque or money order payable to St. Andrew’s Hall in Canadian funds.

The application cannot guarantee housing. Housing approval will be based on information supplied and availability.

Communication should be made between St. Andrew’s Hall and the applicant, not third parties, including parents, except for housing references.

* As of March 2023, applications submitted  with supporting documents and application fees will be placed on a waiting list.