Other Student Support.
Theological students of The Presbyterian Church in Canada are assisted by St. Andrew’s Hall in a variety of ways.
St. Andrew’s Hall offers a $5,000 entrance scholarship to those entering the VST M.Div. programme who have achieved an “A” standing in their preparatory degree. In certain cases, this scholarship may be offered to students with a B+ standing in their preparatory degree.

This scholarship honours the memory of and is funded by a generous bequest from Cae Dickson, a longtime member of the Board of St. Andrew’s Hall and a faithful supporter of its work. We give thanks for her memory.

St. Andrew’s Hall pays the bursary awards that are granted to Presbyterian Church in Canada students by the VST Bursaries committee. Candidates for VST degrees and for the Regent-VST joint programme are eligible for these awards.

Candidates for the ministry of The Presbyterian Church in Canada are also eligible for bursary support from the national denomination. St. Andrew’s Hall transmits these requests to the offices of The Presbyterian Church in Canada.

St. Andrew’s Hall will assist candidates for ordained ministry in the Presbyterian Church in Canada with a special bursary fund to enable them to live in residence at St. Andrew’s Hall. These grants vary depending on the circumstances of the student. 

$200 per month - single students living in a quad or studio apartment

$300 per month - couples living in a one bedroom apartment

$400 per month - students with families in a townhouse.

St. Andrew's Hall provides a bursary to a graduating M.Div student to assist with the extraordinary expense of taking up a first pastoral charge.

St. Andrew’s Hall hosts a worship service every Tuesday at 12:00 noon, during academic terms.

Following the service on the first Tuesday of each month, a lunch is shared by all who attend the service. The service is normally conducted by Presbyterian theological students and faculty. All are invited to attend.

Presbyterian theological students are eligible to be considered for employment as student chaplains or as community coordinators in St. Andrew’s Hall.
From time to time, St. Andrew’s Hall hosts social and educational events of special interest to Presbyterian theological students. These are normally announced by email and in chapel services.
For more information on any of these matters please contact:

Dean Bob Paul
Phone: (604) 822-9721
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